New technologies are changing the rules of the game and revolutionising the way we used to do things not so very long ago. What is more, the current pandemic has speeded the whole process up.

Open working models and open technologies have always triggered major innovations. They have pioneered internet development all these years and now have a fantastic opportunity to position themselves strategically as a solution to the need for technological innovation at a time of crisis and limited resources.

Through LIBRECON we seek to interconnect the OPEN ICT sector with other sectors (especially industry, education and commerce) requiring profound and rapid digital transformation to generate synergies and business opportunities.

Open source is unstoppable; all the big companies are already making use of open technologies and working as a community. We have been presented with a unique opportunity to introduce OPEN technologies into these sectors. Are we ready?

At a time of great demand for technological resources, LIBRECON is an event that offers opportunities both for ICT companies – with solutions for new challenges – and industrial companies – who can learn more about OPEN solutions to make their businesses more competitive. And what about education…a sector in dire need of tools that guarantee access and quality; or commerce, with the ever-increasing impact of online shopping. All this and much more at LIBRECON.