Moisés Martínez

Tech Lead in Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics / Associated Teacher - Capgemini / Universidad Pontificia de Comillas

Moisés Martínez es Ph.D. en Inteligencia Artificial especializado en las áreas de robótica, planificación automática y aprendizaje automático. Trabaja como AI & BigData Architect. Moisés es además organizador de T3chfest y GDG Cloud Madrid, speaker en diferentes meetups y GDE en Machine Learning.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data Architect. Ph.D. in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence (Automated Planning and Machine Learning for Autonomous systems such as Robotics or VideoGames) from Carlos III de Madrid University. He has been a researcher and/or professor in AI and ML in different universities such as Carlos III University, Örebro University, Universidad Internacional de la Rioja, King’s College London and Comillas Pontifical University. He began his career as a Full-Stack Developer and ended up working with AI participating in BigData, ML, and Industry 4.0 projects using Google Cloud, Azure and Apache ecosystem technologies to extract value from the data. Moisés is also Speaker at international and local conferences and events; and one of the organizers of GDG Cloud Madrid and T3chFest, the largest free technology event in Spain and perhaps in Europe.